My Projects

The projects I manage outside of my working hours (never inside them, I assure you). There’s Professional Moron (a a satire and culture blog I’ve run since 2012) and Moonshake Books (pedantic book reviews). I also write short stories and novels, which I’ll perhaps try and get published one day.

Moonshake Books

I started this blog in July 2016 to develop on my book reviews from the other blog. This allows me to go into incredibly pedantic detail about my favourite novels (fiction or non-fiction). Hopefully, this will introduce people to new books, but I simply enjoy writing about them in greater detail.

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Professional Moron

I began blogging in early 2012 and have amassed over 1,300 posts on this surreal humour site. Typically I write satirically, developing on my fondness for absurdity (based on reading too many existential novels), but I also cover culture with books, films, music, and video games. It's all in good fun.

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The Novel

I've been working on a debut novel for the last few years. It's 81,000 words and develops on themes from Jean-Paul Sartre's Roads to Freedom trilogy from the 1940s. A character study, it follows a man as he copes with an unusual phobia which plays havoc with his personal and professional life. I've got several working titles for this right now, but just refer to it as "the novel" for now.

Short Stories

I've written a couple of short stories in 2016, most notably the satirical science-fiction story Posthoumous. It's about a dystopian world where there isn't any houmous left. I've also written a Kafka-inspired story about life from the perspective of a pack of cigarettes, which I'll be developing into a longer story early in 2017. I'm ruminating over other several other ideas at the moment, too.