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Category: SEO Posted: May 7th, 2018

For 2018, I’ve decided to make the shift towards advancing my SEO skills. Last year, as a Content Manager, I wrote 14,000 words of metadata for the UK and Irish sites of Al Fresco Holidays. That was part of the brand’s content migration to the Tridion CMS.

Whilst some people might have found it a chore, knowing the value of white hat SEO and how powerful a well written title tag can be, I loved the whole thing. When the sites launched, and after a few months of fluctuating ranking positions post-migration, it simply gave me a great deal of relief and satisfaction knowing the sites finally had good SEO metadata. After that, I’ve been eager to upskill where possible.


Over the last few years, despite being heavily involved in SEO, I’ve been frustrated my technical and analytical knowledge haven’t been quite up to expert level. Now, having joined Peninsula UK as a Content Writer and SEO Executive, I’ve been advancing my skills and hope to become a better copywriter as a result.

I began my career in digital marketing as an SEO Executive. I hated SEO to begin with and didn’t quite understand it, as well as despising what it did to the copy I was writing.

It is, however, simply Google’s way of ensuring high-quality content makes it to the top of its SERPs. Once I understood this, and relied on Google’s (admittedly often vague) updates about core search engine algorithm changes, I had a great deal of respect for what SEO can do.

It can, when done properly, transform a businesses’ fortunes. SEO is so powerful, and so essential, it’s sometimes frustrating when (having worked with clients over the years) a manager fails to realise a few minor adjustments to a site can reap incredible rewards.


SEO is also incredibly complicated. If you’re new to this weirdly wonderful world, you can familiarise yourself over at Moz, or SEO blogs such as Search Engine Land and Neil Patel’s consistently excellent site.

It’s best to start with the basics, perfecting how to do keyword research, getting used to title tags and meta descriptions, and getting the basics of Google Analytics down.

From there, it’s a complex beast, but one anyone in digital marketing would be wise to know at least the basics about. Whether you’re a copywriter or in PPC, having that extra knowledge can really make a big difference for a business, as well as looking great on your CV.

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