Tea as Writing Inspiration

Category: On Writing Posted: January 3rd, 2018

Over on Moonshake Books, my book review site, I’ve had a detailed look at Kakuzo Okakura’s magnificent the Book of Tea. In this, tea drinking is celebrated as the fine art it is, which I consider to be a timely reminder of its wonders during this coffee-obsessed era.

The Book of Tea

Published in 1906, the Book of Tea is a treatise for Teaism and how it can improve your life. Tea drinking is not only healthy, but it’s extremely relaxing and also acts as a source of energy and inspiration for many millions around the world.

It’s certainly a major source of inspiration for me and I find it, particularly with my creative writing work, provides me with early morning lifts and overall well-being. Pretty essential, when I’m up early at the weekends working away on my projects!

I’m aware this is a coffee era, of course. Most people turn to the stuff to guide them through the day, but the major caffeine hit it provides is rather detrimental. To the extent people can get caffeine withdrawal!

As such, I’m promoting tea as the beverage of choice for beleaguered workers. What could be the mind changer is Clipper’s brilliant Assam Tea with Vanilla, which has a subtle charm about it I believe should be enough to get most people on the Teaist side.

Not convinced? Why not give the Book of Tea a read as well to find out about the rich history between humans and this legendary drink.

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