To Be a Content Manager or a Copywriter: That is the Question!

Category: On Writing Posted: December 23rd, 2017

I’ve had a hectic 2017 as a Content Manager, which included launching two new websites during an extensive content migration project. This included mastering Tridion, which is the most unusual CMS I have ever come across. However, I’ve since made the shift decision to return to copywriting and my journey to this has been illuminating.

The Need for Creativity

During the handful of interviews I attended, I was asked why I was leaving my present role. The reason is simple – making the step from midweight copywriter to official content manager seemed the logical career route back in November 2016. It was the big step up. Yet I found I was taken away from the creative side I so enjoy during work.

To my surprise, although it should have been obvious to me, interviewees confirmed this is a fairly regular occurrence. Professionals make the big step up to a managerial role and then are taken away from what they enjoyed in the first place.

I’m delighted with the year I’ve spent as a content manager, during which time I’ve learned an absolutely enormous amount, but I’m also happy to be making the next step forward in my career – I’m now a senior copywriter!

Gaining Some Focus

Of course, I can’t view the last year as wasted time – I consider it the most important step forward in my career as, now at 33, I’ve moved this out of the way and will now be solely concentrating on developing my copywriting career.

2017, then, will arguably be the most important in my career, a year in which I realised what I’ll be focusing on in the years to come. It’s meant a lot of sacrifices and hassle – I’ll have moved home three times in the space of a year! But I am hopeful this will now cement my position and I’ll be able to look back in a few years and see how fortuitous I have been.

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