Short Story Posts: Posthoumous & The Cigarettes

Category: On Writing Posted: November 21st, 2017

I’ve added two short stories to my satire site Professional Moron. I’d entered these into amateur literary competitions and they didn’t make any progress whatsoever. I was rather disheartened and so added uploaded them anyway, but then the Cigarettes had a small tidal wave of appreciation come back from the WordPress community, which left me pretty chuffed.

I’m currently finishing a debut novel and, after this has been done, I’m planning to get a collection of short stories together which should be a tad more mainstream through their use of humour. If you’re interested, however, feel free to read the two below (click on the titles to be taken through!).


This was inspired by a remark I overheard during a job years ago. A lady I worked with couldn’t pronounce posthumous properly. It got me thinking about a dystopian world where there was no more houmous and the end result was a 6,000 word short story.

It’s ridiculous, as I always intended with this one, but funny enough to keep people entertained, I would like to think.

The Cigarettes

A Kafkaesque tale from the perspective of a cigarette, John, within a packet of fags. This is 1,000 words and gets the point across nice and quickly.

Again, I was delighted with the response to this and it’s bolstered my resolve to get published in the future. Writers like getting positive feedback, naturally, and after this one plunged off the radar after I entered it into that competition, I felt vindicated for my efforts thanks to WordPress.

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