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Category: On Writing Posted: October 25th, 2017

My satire website (Professional Moron) will be six years old in February 2018 and, by then, I’ll have written over 1,500 posts for it. Over the last two years, it’s meant a post a day – this has posed a significant challenge, creatively and in terms of how to fit that lot in. I’ve had full time work to attend to!

Keeping Things Ticking Over

My career comes first, of course, but as I enjoy the absurd leaning of the site, and view it as a means of developing new creative writing opportunities, it’s a big part of my life. Jack Kerouac said a writer should be writing every day. When I read that comment, back in 2010, I agreed with him and cursed myself for not doing this.

All these years later and, thanks to WordPress, I’ve developed my writing style significantly and feel more creative than ever. But how do I, as I’ve been asked by friends and family, keep a blog ticking over with 365 posts a year, plus the demands of full time work?

Early Starts

As with many writers, I wake up early. Mothers with young children often do this, to cram in some writing long before the kids wake up. I don’t have such concerns, but this doesn’t stop me getting up at 4 or 5 am at the weekends to write and schedule the posts for the week ahead.

For some, this might appear like madness. That’s lie in time! But for a creative, it’s all rather marvellous. Get a pot of tea on the go and let your imagination do its thing – with this method, I cover a vast amount of ground and, during the evenings in the week, I’m free to work on my book… and occasionally have some total downtime.

I’m at a point now where half a day wasted not writing is unacceptable. I’m getting older, 33 in a month, and so my priorities have changed over my partying days as a teenager, but I’d take my creativity side over my partying antics any day. Getting older is no drag, so long as you know how to behave as the years tick by.

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