Ideate: The Most Annoying New Marketing Buzzword

Category: On Writing Posted: September 15th, 2017

Ideate has emerged as the new marketing buzzword of the moment, I’ve seen it slapped on a wide number of digital agency websites over the last year. I thoroughly dislike it.

Let Us Ideate

My problem with this one is how ridiculously pretentious it is – it’s a silly attempt to try and impress clients with a term which is currently popular. Digital agencies share a friendly rivalry, but scanning over any given agency site they’re often there proclaiming themselves to do things differently then the rest, when they’re actually all the same.

It doesn’t take a lot of ideating to realise this. These agencies work incredibly hard and employ a lot of talented people, so it’s so counterproductive to then lack the individuality they should aim for by falling in line with buzzwords.

I worked for a digital agency for two years and clients, generally, liked things to be explained simply. This is why most businesses turn to a digital agency, as the world of web development is so complex. They don’t hire an agency to be overwhelmed with a batch of vacuous buzzwords which someone has decided is trendy.

Let Us Not Ideate

When I first started out as a copywriter, the temptation was to show off by using big words to try and look clever. Six years later, I now know the truth is quite the opposite – good copywriting is neat and tidy, friendly, fun, and concise.

I’d greatly prefer most brands to approach marketing with a sense of humour, or at least some personality, rather than reeling off the spurious business spiel which consumers are getting increasingly bored of. Ideate all you want, marketers, but let’s keep that to ourselves and make the world of marketing more compelling.

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