Wrapping Up the Content Migration Project in Style!

Category: On Writing Posted: August 27th, 2017

After eight long months of intensive work, and numerous hundreds of hours of overtime, the launch of the UK and Irish websites has been completed. It was first content migration, but it was certainly hectic! Building a new website from the ground upwards in the unusual Tridion CMS has been one of the biggest challenges in my career.

Content Migrations

Tridion as a CMS is certainly peculiar, although powerful and effective when setup. It is, however, a tricky beast to master and would require a guide of 5,000+ words and several weeks of training to get to grips with.

Al Fresco Holidays was shifted from the old Drupal CMS to Tridion largely by myself and my exec, Zach, who did a brilliant job and was highly committed. Additionally, the dev team supporting us was also brilliant.

Staggered out in stages, there was a huge amount of work, and an enormous amount of responsibility, placed on my shoulders, so I’m delighted to emerge from the other side with a fantastic new website which has helped push the company forward in leaps and bounds immediately.

Going Forward

With new content, a massive SEO overhaul (I wrote all the metadata, which totalled over 10,000 words – the old copywriting skills coming in handy again), and a powerful new CMS, we’re all delighted with the results and it’s a solid foundation for major strides going forward.

I’m trying not to turn this post into a narcissistic rant, but I’m rather pleased with myself for managing all of this. I’ve learned a lot of new skills over the last eight months out of my comfort zone of writing and I think the new website speaks volumes. For once, I’m showing off a bit!

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