Kindles VS Books: The Final Countdown

Category: On Writing Posted: May 15th, 2017

As a voracious reader, I’ve never been tempted to make the jump to a Kindle. I can appreciate the convenience of them – a huge selection of books on one device – but, for most ardent readers passionate about their book collection, you want to have tangible evidence of it.

The Book Collection

Having a big book collection provides a reader with a great deal of satisfaction. It’s a sense of glee seeing all your favourite books lined up and you can spend hours rearranging them. It’s also a narcissistic thing – you can’t help but show off about it.

Plus, there’s the intrinsically enjoyable process of leafing through novels, especially ones you’ve owned for a long time. I have copies of books I picked up from the 1990s which I cherish, or the ones I bought in 2003 when I first started at university. It connects me to my past and reminds me to read on.

With a Kindle, none of this is possible. It’s just a convenient, generic device. Perhaps I’m lacking progressive thought here, but gesturing my way through a novel simply doesn’t have the sense of dramatic purpose which reading a tangible novel does.

Kindles VS Paper

Whilst Kindles have been popular, the initial prediction they’d wipe out traditional print hasn’t surfaced. Quite the opposite has happened, in fact, as book readers have rebelled and it’s apparent the traditional novel is definitely here to stay.

I’m certainly happy to report on this, although as someone who is rather keen on environmentalism it does seem contradictory. The appeal of a novel promotes everything that is right about humanity, however – culture has the highest of values, as noted by Simone de Beauvoir, and books are one of the finest of examples. Condensing them down into a Kindle doesn’t seem the done thing to do – for once, I’m being right wing about this and demanding we stick to tradition.

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