Content Manager: Making the Big Step Up

Category: On Writing Posted: April 3rd, 2017

This year I’ve made the shift from being a copywriter to full-scale Content Management for a popular tourism company. It’s a big shift. The first stage to overcome, as with many creatives (most of us having an introspective nature) is to overcome imposter syndrome. This is the anxiety driven consideration of – why me? Surely everyone else is just as capable?

Apparently not, but almost half a year into this new stage of my career and I think my enthusiasm and commitment has seen me through this initial phase.

Content Migration

It’s fair to say the only thing I’ve been doing since I joined is helping to spearhead a content migration project from one CMS to the much lauded new Tridion CMS. This has been a mammoth undertaking which has taken a lot of adjustment.

Tridion is an unusual, but powerful, CMS which requires a lot of technical know-how. Having previously spent my time on WordPress and Magento, this has been one major test of my abilities.

When not fully understanding the business I’ve just joined it has, to put it mildly, been a baptism of fire – but it’s one I think I’ve thrown myself into to ensure the project is completed, no matter how much overtime it takes (several hundred hours of it so far!).

Content Management VS Copywriting

I have been handling content management all the same and I’ve already noted the content gaps which need filling – namely, updating the copy across the entire website and adapting a content strategy to update images.

It’s a big task and one with a 12 month schedule, but this will all be taken on after the migration ends in June (prospective date!).

So far, what are the main differences between being a copywriter and a content manager? A lot less writing. This can be an upside and a downside – this is why I’ve taken this career path, to write every day. However, the upsides are you’re treated with a great deal more respect. This is more than welcome, but once we reintroduce a blog to the site it should also allow me to pursue one of my main passions in life – writing stuff.

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