How Reading Novels Will Help Improve Your Writing

Category: On Writing Posted: December 4th, 2016

In an age where reading books is┬áconsidered, by some, as anachronistic, I think it’s important to stress (especially for writers of any discipline) reading will improve your abilities – along with your intellect.

Not wishing to sound too pompous, but by turning to canonical literature (i.e. classic novels) you can find the real classics of the world. Whilst contemporary bestsellers are fine, and can help unearth current slang and trends in language, when you look to classic tales from the 20th century you really high-quality storytelling.

Copywriting is nowadays about being able to tell a story, which is why a good understanding of the modern, and previous, eras of writing can help you along.

It’s also simply a fantastic way to go about improving yourself. Reading is brilliant for the mind and will introduce you to new philosophies, history, and cultural – it’s an all-encompassing trip into a world where you can find a new path in life, or just make your diction and grammar more compelling.

Where, then, can you turn to for this sort of inspiring stuff? Well! One of the things I do best in life is with reading and discovering writers – as a result, you can visit either my book review blog or my Book of the Week section on my satire site┬áto find 100 novels you can add to your list immediately.

Reading is, of course, time-consuming. This is why a few years ago, on my account, I wrote an article called 35 Brilliant Short Books Anyone Can Find The Time To Read. Obviously, you might not have the time to read Moby-Dick or one of Solzhenitsyn’s epics, but simply by spending 20 minutes a day reading through some of these novellas, you could tick them off your list in now time.

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